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Rock Mechanical Aspects Of Roadheader Excavation

Roadheader A comprehensive review ScienceDirect

Roadheader A Comprehensive Review Sciencedirect

Mechanical excavators are preferred to conventional drilling and blasting as blasting poses several regulatory and operational issues. The roadheader is a machine for excavating rock in mining and civil construction projects. It is a hybrid machine, with better manoeuvrability than that

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Rock Mechanical Aspects of Excavation Related to Raise

Rock Mechanical Aspects Of Excavation Related To Raise

Oct 07, 2015 Mamaghani, Aydin Shaterpour, Avunduk, Emre, and Nuh Bilgin. Rock Mechanical Aspects of Excavation Related to Raise Boring Machine A Typical Example from Asikoy Underground Mine, Kastamonu, Turkey. Paper presented at the ISRM Regional Symposium - EUROCK 2015, Salzburg, Austria, October 2015. Download citation file Ris Zotero Reference ...

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Experience in Construction in Strong Rock with

Experience In Construction In Strong Rock With

Experience in Construction in Strong Rock with Roadheader in the Ariz-Basauri section of the Bilbao Metro A.A.Gull n1, ... Rock drillability can be considered to be highly determined by two of its mechanical aspects, ... it was essential to perform the works with mechanical excavation. The short length of the sections with constant section and ...

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The Importance of Research on Alternative and Hybrid Rock

The Importance Of Research On Alternative And Hybrid Rock

While mechanical rock excavation machines with disc cutters can handle rock strengths above 150 MPa, they are limited to turn off radii 12 m. ... Rock Mechanical Aspects of Roadheader Excavation ...

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Mechanical rock excavation equipment Epiroc

Mechanical Rock Excavation Equipment Epiroc

The next step in the evolution of underground mechanical rock excavation is here .The Mobile Miner family consists of powerful mechanical rock excavation machines that are fully customizable to your specific needs. They utilize a well-known technique, packaged in a compact and flexible machine. The continuous mining technology used by Mobile ...

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UNDERGROUND EXCAVATION Alternative excavation

Underground Excavation Alternative Excavation

30 m of the advancing drift excavation heading. This would ensure no delays to subsequent work activities once the drifts were complete. The final drift construction methodology proceeded with the major excavation equipment comprising of a Mitsui S200MA roadheader, combined with an integrated ground support system. It was further concluded that ...

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Roadheader solutions in focus

Roadheader Solutions In Focus

The roadheader, or header machine, has become a familiar piece of excavating equipment in civil tunnelling. The technology is actually younger than may be realised with the first roadheader patent being applied for by Dr Z Ajtay in Hungary in 1949 and developed as a remotely operated priapic miner for exploitation of small seams in coal mining.

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Hydromechanical modelling of the excavation

Hydromechanical Modelling Of The Excavation

Hydro-mechanical modelling of the excavation damaged zone around an underground excavation at Mont Terri Rock Laboratory Se verine Levasseura,b,, Robert Charliera, Bernd Friegc, Fre de ric Collina,b a Universite de Liege, Department ArGEnCo, Chemin des Chevreuils 1, 4000 Li ege 1, Belgium b FRS-FNRS Fonds National de la Recherche Scientique, rue dEgmont 5, B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

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PDF Nuh Bilgin Hanifi Copur Cemal Balci Mechanical

Pdf Nuh Bilgin Hanifi Copur Cemal Balci Mechanical

Nuh Bilgin, Hanifi Copur, Cemal Balci Mechanical Excavation in Mining and Civil Industries

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Geotechnical Risk Assessment and Selection of Suitable

Geotechnical Risk Assessment And Selection Of Suitable

and they are able to excavate rock formations with compressive strength of 20-140 MPa. Machines specifications are listed in Table 1. Figure 1 is also a useful guide to select a roadheader based on rock strength, tunnel cross section, required weight and power of the machine. Table 1 Classification of Roadheader Ratan Raj Tatiya 2013 ...

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The Importance of Research on Alternative and Hybrid Rock

The Importance Of Research On Alternative And Hybrid Rock

Current methods of mechanical excavation of rock are limited in regard to the material which can be extracted economically. The use of roadheaders with pick tools has the advantage of high flexibility in form of turn off radii down to 1 m but is limited by rock strength to figures below 150 MPa UCS.While mechanical rock excavation machines with disc cutters can handle rock strengths above 150 ...

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Epiroc Mobile Miner Hard Rock Cutting Is Now

Mechanical excavation offers far better opportunities for getting a smooth contour and less overbreak than the drill and blast technique. The only overbreak that cannot be avoided is the over-excavation needed to ensure that there will be no underbreak. If a deviation of less than 5 cm from the theoretical line can be assured, an average over-break

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Dominant rock properties affecting the performance of

Dominant Rock Properties Affecting The Performance Of

Conical picks are the essential cutting tools used on many mechanical excavators, so it is important to understand their cutting behavior in different rock formations in order to design efficient cutting systems, work in operational parameters and estimate cutting performance of excavating machines.

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Roadheader Excavation Performance Geological And

Roadheader Excavation Performance Geological And

Aug 25, 1999 The prediction of tunnel stability usually is the main subject in geotechnical site investigations prior to tunnelling projects. During the last few years in mechanical excavation, problems have occured also connected with the accurate prediction of excavation performance and tool wear in soft and hard rock.

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Choice of rock excavation method for tramway tunnel in

Choice Of Rock Excavation Method For Tramway Tunnel In

The excavation methods considered were blasting, hydraulic hammer, bulldozer with ripper tooth and mechanical boring with roadheader. The evaluation was made on the basis of vibrations and noise caused by the different excavation methods and on the basis of

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PDF Evaluation of Conventional Drill and Blast and Using

Pdf Evaluation Of Conventional Drill And Blast And Using

Evaluation of Conventional Drill and Blast and Using a Mechanical Roadheader to Excavate the Impumelelo Decline Shaft Kgomotso Mokoena 0614089 G Presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree B.Sc. Eng. Mining Engineering In the School of Mining Engineering Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment University of the Witwatersrand July 2010 Declaration I

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Missouri University of Science and Technology Scholars

Missouri University Of Science And Technology Scholars

average excavation rate of 27mweek was achieved. 2.2 Analysis of Roadheader Cutting Performance The cuttability of the rock types of the stratas excavated can be accurately defined in terms of parameters obtained from a laboratory cutting test. This simulates the cutting action of a drag pick tool providing a measure of rock

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Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols 5254 p 16

Applied Mechanics And Materials Vols 5254 P 16

Mechanical excavation with roadheader EBZ160TY was trialed at work face with hard rock and high ground stress. Work procedure and performance of the roadheader were recorded and analyzed. The results showed that, roadheader EBZ160TY, with designed excavating strength of 80 MPa, presented amazingly good performance in hard rock with strength of ...

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Equipment for Tunnel Construction Equipment for

Equipment For Tunnel Construction Equipment For

Roadheader. Boom type Roadheader is a piece of excavating equipment consisting of a boom-mounted cutting head, A loading device having conveyor-belt, And a crawler travelling track to move the machine forward into the rock face.

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Publications and Seminar Notes Earth Mechanics Institute

Publications And Seminar Notes Earth Mechanics Institute

1 L. Ozdemir, Mechanical Excavation Techniques for Hard Rock Mining, Fourth Canadian Symposium, Saskatoon, Canada, Sept. 1990 SEMINARS 1 Soft Ground and Hard Rock Mechanical Tunneling Technology Seminar, which was sponsored by Colorado School of Mines CSM, Herrenknecht A.G., and American Underground Construction Association AUA ...

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PDF Hard rock tunnel boring cutting drilling and

Pdf Hard Rock Tunnel Boring Cutting Drilling And

Determining tunnel stability is a key issue during preliminary site investigation. In contrast, problems of excavatability have been largely ignored. While the choice of an economic tunnelling method is admittedly a clear priority in the planning stage, special investigations focus- sing on rock fragmentation e.g. drilling or cutting performance, rock mass blastability or tool wear are ...

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Prediction of load on the cutting tools in tunnel boring

Prediction Of Load On The Cutting Tools In Tunnel Boring

paper presents current trends in hard rock tunnelling, including the directions of research on automated excavation processes. Particular emphasis is put on the aspects of predicting load variations in the cutterhead tools, which is of vital importance for machine power selection and

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4 mechanical excavationx Tunneling method Drill Blast

4 Mechanical Excavationx Tunneling Method Drill Blast

View 4. mechanical excavation.pptx from CEE 421 at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Tunneling method Drill amp Blast Mechanical excavation Partial face Road header Hammer Full

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Advanced Rock Tunnelling Engineering Solutions WSP

Advanced Rock Tunnelling Engineering Solutions Wsp

Similarly presently in San Francisco, Chinatown Station is being constructed in poor rock conditions using the NATM method. Roadheaders. A roadheader is used as a mechanized method of cutting that has more precise cutting, less vibration, and no overbreak. Recent developments allowed the excavation of rock tunnels in very hard rock.

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Performance predictions for mechanical excavators in

Performance Predictions For Mechanical Excavators In

Sep 01, 1992 The performances of several mechanical excavators are predicted for use in the tuffs at Yucca Mountain Tunnel boring machines, the Mobile Miner, a roadheader, a blind shaft borer, a vertical wheel shaft boring machine, raise drills, and V-Moles. Work

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An Adaptive Control System Of Roadheader

An Adaptive Control System of Roadheader with Intelligent Modelling of Mechanical Features of Mined Rock 7 1 4 6 Fig. 2. Design of R-130 roadheader 1, 6 Control of roadheader movements apart of electric drives of advance system is realized by the hydraulic system. Hydraulic pack is the main component of the control system. Control of cutting

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Some geological and geotechnical factors aecting the

Some Geological And Geotechnical Factors Aecting The

Mechanical excavation method was chosen to mini-mize the ground disturbance beneath the railway, free-way and highway located between the Nuh Cement Plant and the Dock. Based on the geological and geo-technical information of the project site, a double-shielded roadheader cutter boom was considered to be well suited for the job.

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Some geological and geotechnical factors affecting the

Some Geological And Geotechnical Factors Affecting The

Nov 01, 2004 Farmer and Garrity 1987 and Poole 1987 showed that for a given power of roadheader, excavation rate in solid bank m 3 cutting hour might be predicted using specific energy values given as in the following equation, 1 SE c 2 2E, where SE is the specific energy, c is the rock compressive strength and E is the rock elastic modulus.

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Mechanical and hydraulic properties of the excavation

Mechanical And Hydraulic Properties Of The Excavation

ing excavation damaged zone EDZ in the near eld of em-placement tunnels is of utmost importance concerning safety aspects. As the EDZ differs from the intact host rock due to enhanced hydraulic transmissivity and altered geomechani-cal behavior, reasonable and location-dependent input data on hydraulic and mechanical properties are crucial ...

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PDF A Model to Predict the Performance of Roadheaders

Pdf A Model To Predict The Performance Of Roadheaders

In this paper the recent sewerage and metro tunnel projects in Istanbul are summarized. A model improved as a part of NATO TU Excavation project, that relates the cutting performance of mechanical excavators to rock mass cuttability index, is discussed with the recent data collected. The model may serve as a useful guide to contractors and machine manufacturers prior starting a tunnel project.

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Conferences ISRM EUROCK OnePetro

Conferences Isrm Eurock Onepetro

Rock Mechanical Aspects of Roadheader Excavation Uwe Restner Ralf J. Plinninger Paper presented at the ISRM Regional Symposium - EUROCK 2015, Salzburg, Austria, October 2015.

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mechanical rock excavation Archives International Mining

Mechanical Rock Excavation Archives International Mining

Vale, in 2021, is due to embark on a major hard-rock cutting project at its Garson mine, in Sudbury, Canada. Part of the mechanical cutting demonstration within the CMIC Canada Mining Innovation Council Continuous Underground Mining project, it will see the company test out a Komatsu hard-rock cutting machine equipped with Komatsu DynaCut Technology at the mine.

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Shaft Sinking from 2007 to 2020 Mechanical excavation

Shaft Sinking From 2007 To 2020 Mechanical Excavation

Apr 29, 2020 The construction of the Nickel Rim South vent shaft. Mike DupontCourtesy of Cementation Canada Inc. The two major developments in shaft sinking between 2007 and 2020 are the successes in mechanical excavation and the number of shafts sunk in China. To have four major mine shafts, over six metres in diameter and over 1,000 metres in depth ...

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Partialface Excavation Machine Herrenknecht AG

Partialface Excavation Machine Herrenknecht Ag

Partial-face Excavation Machine 11,770 mm with two cross-bracing platforms, telescopic face plates in the crown and three flexible excavators. Safe in hard rock. Partial-face Excavation Machines with roadheader booms can also be used in geologies with up to 80 MPa compression strength.

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Assessment of pick wear based on the field performance of

Assessment Of Pick Wear Based On The Field Performance Of

Jan 04, 2020 A successful excavation of roadheaders depends on the cutting performance and the tool life of conical picks. Tool life is important in terms of wear rate which is affected by different rock parameters such as equivalent quartz content, mineral grain size, as well as cutting parameters on the cutterhead. In this study, analyses among wear rate, specific energy, advance rate, and cutter ...

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