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Aggregation Process Operator

Aggregation Operations Visual Basic Microsoft Docs

Aggregation Operations Visual Basic Microsoft Docs

Jul 20, 2015 The standard query operator methods that perform aggregation operations are listed in the following section. Methods. Method Name Description Visual Basic Query Expression Syntax More Information Aggregate Performs a custom aggregation operation on the values of a collection.

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Aggregation operators Guide books

Aggregation Operators Guide Books

Zhou L and Chen H 2012 A generalization of the power aggregation operators for linguistic environment and its application in group decision making, Knowledge-Based Systems, 26, 216-224, Online publication date 1-Feb-2012.

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PDF Probabilistic aggregation operators and their

Pdf Probabilistic Aggregation Operators And Their

Probabilistic aggregation operators and their application in uncertain multi-person decision-making. Download. Related Papers. Decision-making under risk and uncertainty and its application in

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mongodb Difference between aggregation and operator

Mongodb Difference Between Aggregation And Operator

Aggregation When it comes to aggregation they call it aggregation framework, definitely for a reason as you can do a lot of things with data using aggregation. Aggregation has aggregation pipeline, which has syntax .aggregate. pipeline is an array with stages.

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Aggregation operations process data records and return

Aggregation Operations Process Data Records And Return

What aggregation operator of NoSQL is equivalent to WHERE is SQL All Questions Aggregation operations process data records and return computed results. Aggregation operations group values from multiple documents together, and can perform a variety of

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What is Aggregation in MongoDB MongoDB

What Is Aggregation In Mongodb Mongodb

Aggregation operations process data records and return computed results. Not only do we have the ability to aggregate data on the client side with JavaScript, but we can use MongoDB to run operations on the server against our collections stored in the database before the result is returned to the client.

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match aggregation MongoDB Manual

Match Aggregation Mongodb Manual

The match selects the documents where the author field equals dave, and the aggregation returns the following id ObjectId 512bc95fe835e68f199c8686 , author ...

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PDF Fuzzy Generalized Hybrid Aggregation Operators and

Pdf Fuzzy Generalized Hybrid Aggregation Operators And

1 The hybrid averaging HA is an aggregation op-erator that uses the weighted average WA and the ordered weighted averaging OWA operator in the same formulation.

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Azure Monitor Metrics metrics aggregation and display

Azure Monitor Metrics Metrics Aggregation And Display

Mar 10, 2021 The aggregation process for Server B is shown in the graphic below. Servers A and C are done in the same way and have different data. The resulting 1-minute aggregated values are stored as new entries in the metrics database so they can be gathered for later calculations. Dimension aggregation

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MultiCriteria DecisionMaking Method Based on Single

Multicriteria Decisionmaking Method Based On Single

some aggregation operators can take into account the relationship of the aggregated parameter. For instance, Yager 23 gave the power average PA operator this operator aggregates input data and allocates the weighted vector by the support degree between input parameters. Bonferroni 24

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Development of new operators for expert opinions

Development Of New Operators For Expert Opinions

Nov 12, 2020 Further, we extend the new operator to the situation where the experts opinions are represented by probability density functions PDFs. Last, we incorporate the entropyorness optimization model into the proposed aggregation operator. The new operator makes the aggregation process more flexible in terms of application problems.

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PDF Trapezoidal neutrosophic aggregation operators and

Pdf Trapezoidal Neutrosophic Aggregation Operators And

commonly used weighted arithmetic a verage operator and the weighted geometric average operator 43 , 44 , which hav e been applied in decision making problems. Therefore, these aggregation opera-

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A visibility graph averaging aggregation operator

A Visibility Graph Averaging Aggregation Operator

Jun 01, 2014 In this section, the aggregation operator and the graph theory are briefly introduced. 2.1. The aggregation operator. Aggregating values, a new value can be obtained, but this can be done in different ways. In other words, aggregation operators is various. In the following, the aggregation operator will be introduced in a general way.

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Variances and Logarithmic Aggregation Operators

Variances And Logarithmic Aggregation Operators

Variance, as a measurement of dispersion, is a basic component of decision-making processes. Recent advances in intelligent systems have included the concept of variance in information fusion techniques for decision-making under uncertainty. These dispersion measures broaden the spectrum of decision makers by extending the toolset for the analysis and modeling of problems.

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Consistency and stability in aggregation operators An

Consistency And Stability In Aggregation Operators An

on the robustness of the aggregation process, was proposed and studied. In this sense, the notion of stability for a family of aggregation operators is inspired in continuity, though our approach fo-cuses in the cardinality of the data rather than in the data itself, so it is possible to assure some ro-bustness in the result of the aggregation ...

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Uncertain induced aggregation operators and its

Uncertain Induced Aggregation Operators And Its

Jan 01, 2012 The uncertain induced OWA operator is an extension of the OWA operator that uses the main characteristics of two well known aggregation operators the induced OWA and the uncertain OWA operator. Therefore, it uses interval numbers for representing the uncertain information and a complex reordering process that it is based on order inducing ...

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PDF Induced aggregation operators Ronald Yager

Pdf Induced Aggregation Operators Ronald Yager

In these operators the argument ordering process is guided by a variable called the order inducing value. A procedure for learning the weights from data is described. We suggest a number of applications of these induced OWA aggregation operators. First we show its possibilities in

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Some robust improved geometric aggregation operators

Some Robust Improved Geometric Aggregation Operators

Some robust improved geometric aggregation operators under interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy environment for multi-criteria decision-making process. Harish Garg. School of Mathematics, Thapar University Patiala-147004, Punjab, India. Received July 2016 Revised October 2016 Published June

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MongoDB Aggregation Tutorialspoint

Mongodb Aggregation Tutorialspoint

MongoDB - Aggregation. Aggregations operations process data records and return computed results. Aggregation operations group values from multiple documents together, and can perform a variety of operations on the grouped data to return a single result. In SQL count and with group by is an equivalent of MongoDB aggregation.

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Data aggregation IBM

Data Aggregation Ibm

Data aggregation. Data aggregation is the process where raw data is gathered and expressed in a summary form for statistical analysis. For example, raw data can be aggregated over a given time period to provide statistics such as average, minimum, maximum, sum, and count. After the data is aggregated and written to a view or report, you can ...

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Pythagorean fuzzy interaction aggregation operators and

Pythagorean Fuzzy Interaction Aggregation Operators And

Xu developed some geometric aggregation operators, such as the intuitionistic fuzzy weighted geometric IFWG operator, the intuitionistic fuzzy ordered weighted geometric IFOWG operator, and the intuitionistic fuzzy hybrid geometric IFHG operator and gave an application of the IFHG operator to multiple attribute group decision making with ...

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Medianbased aggregation operators for prototype

Medianbased Aggregation Operators For Prototype

May 06, 2003 Median-based aggregation operators for prototype construction in ordinal scales. Josep Domingo-Ferrer, jdomingoetse.urv.es Department of Computing Engineering and Maths, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Av Pa sos Catalans 26, 43007 Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain ...

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Control Engineering Improving operator performance from

Control Engineering Improving Operator Performance From

Jul 02, 2021 The benefits of automating operator rounds go beyond reducing personnel time in the field or a faster, continuous data collection process. The real benefit comes from leveraging the value of the data for process optimization and to transform work practices, such as moving from preventive maintenance to predictive condition-based maintenance CBM.

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FERC Order 2222 and DER Aggregation Participation in

Ferc Order 2222 And Der Aggregation Participation In

Dec 07, 2020 RTOISO requirements, if aggregation is at least 100 kW in size Aggregation as geographically broad as technically feasible Data, bidding, metering, and telemetry for DERA aligned with existing requirements but balanced with existing infrastructure, reduce burden on small resources Limit compensation for the same service in other programs

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An Induced Hesitant Linguistic Aggregation Operator and

An Induced Hesitant Linguistic Aggregation Operator And

Oct 01, 2018 Probabilistic information have been also widely considered in decision making, especially, aggregation operators with probabilistic information have been widely studied, such as Wu 40 provided a possibility distribution based approach to carry out the aggregation process of HFLTSs.

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Representation and construction of selfdual aggregation

Representation And Construction Of Selfdual Aggregation

Feb 16, 2007 Two different characterizations of self-dual aggregation operators are available in the literature one based on C x, y x x 1-y and one based on the arithmetic mean. Both approaches construct a self-dual aggregation operator by combining an aggregation operator with its dual.

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T spherical fuzzy soft sets and its aggregation operators

T Spherical Fuzzy Soft Sets And Its Aggregation Operators

In the present manuscript, we introduce a novel concept of T-spherical fuzzy soft set with various important operations and properties. In the field of information theory, an aggregation operator is a structured mathematical function which aggregates all the information received as input and provides a single output entity, which are found to be applicable for various important decision making ...

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Some series of intuitionistic fuzzy interactive averaging

Some Series Of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Interactive Averaging

Jul 07, 2016 Thus, the others grades of non-membership function of IFNs play a dominant role during the aggregation process in the proposed operator. Example 5 If we apply the proposed IFHIWA operator to aggregate the different IFNs as given in Example 2 then we get aggregated IFN are langle 0.5137, 0.2196rangle when gamma 1 and langle 0.5060 ...

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Aggregation MongoDB Manual

Aggregation Mongodb Manual

The aggregation pipeline can operate on a sharded collection. The aggregation pipeline can use indexes to improve its performance during some of its stages. In addition, the aggregation pipeline has an internal optimization phase. See Pipeline Operators and Indexes and Aggregation Pipeline Optimization for details. Single Purpose Aggregation ...

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Fuzzy Inference System as an Aggregation Operator

Fuzzy Inference System As An Aggregation Operator

Jun 05, 2020 The remaining columns give the score for the Soil Nutritional Balance for the three aggregation operators tested. The determination coefficient between the operators and the FIS target are in the last row. As expected, the WAM yields the poorest result. The weights for OM, pH and MacN are 0.317, 0.312 and 0.371.

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Pharmaceutical Aggregation Process

Pharmaceutical Aggregation Process

Jan 25, 2020 This speed is directly related to the speed of the operator. The most time consuming operation units in manual aggregation process is the label

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Carrier Aggregation CA LTEA LTE Advanced An overview

Carrier Aggregation Ca Ltea Lte Advanced An Overview

Jul 13, 2021 What is Carrier Aggregation Carrier Aggregation is a feature in LTE for providing very high data volumes and data rates by the process of combining contiguous and non- contiguous spectrum bands. This can be explained in a simple way. For Ex A Mobile operator can have 10MHZ in L1800 Band and 10 MHZ in L900 band.

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Groupdecision making with induced ordered weighted

Groupdecision Making With Induced Ordered Weighted

2.3 The Quasi-IOWA operator. The quasi-arithmetic induced ordered weighted aggregation Quasi-IOWA operator presents an extension of the Quasi-OWA operator. The main difference is the reordering process in this case, order-induced variables dictate the complex reordering of

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Aggregation in MongoDB GeeksforGeeks

Aggregation In Mongodb Geeksforgeeks

Feb 17, 2021 Aggregation in MongoDB. In MongoDB, aggregation operations process the data recordsdocuments and return computed results. It collects values from various documents and groups them together and then performs different types of operations on that grouped data like sum, average, minimum, maximum, etc to return a computed result. It is similar to ...

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Trapezoidal neutrosophic aggregation operators and their

Trapezoidal Neutrosophic Aggregation Operators And Their

Trapezoidal neutrosophic aggregation operators and their application to the multi-attribute decision-making process. Scientia Iranica , 273, 1655-1673. doi 10.24200sci.2018.51136.2024

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